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My friends, I would like to share with you something I found on my hard drive. I wrote it some time ago. Can you guess what my muse was at the time? The results my surprise you…by how obvious it was…

Cause and effect
the massive infinite
of the Mesopotamian nightmare
a wielding spiral that disagrees with you
and causes nothing but goats

Welcome to a nightmare of fair game
the strength of a nation that holds its own
disguised in folly and wrinkled in athletic capabilities

Satisfied entirely by words

harsh diamonds and creative endeavours
the spinach speech pattern
of a regular life in Delaware
tortoise shelled
and overnight

The crazies that…

Words fail me

It runs on strength but not on power
and the steam that rises
like a kettle distillery
runs dry and fruitless like an aubergine tank
and it’s this that we love and despise

Dear mothers,
dear fathers,
dear children who grow and play
this is exactly what happens
when you drink
and try to

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Posted: January 25, 2012 in Misc.
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Dear Daddy,
how are you?
I am fine
My name is…
would have been…

I am sorry I had to leave you
I really don’t know why
Oh while you’re there
make Mummy not cry

Ooh look I rhymed
see daddy,
I would have been clever
and you would have been proud

Dear Daddy,
I think you changed your mind
when you found out I was coming
I heard you were smiling
that makes me smile too

Again, I’m sorry I won’t be there
just think of me as being really late
really, really late
I’d hate to see you in this state

But I must admit:
I’m impressed you wrote this
through those teary eyes…