Writer (sort of), drinker (definitely), bra size (pending)

At what stage in your career can you truly class yourself as a writer? On and off I’ve been doing this for well over a decade now beginning in my teens as an annoying, morbid teenager with first world issues (‘no one understands me. Wah! Wah! Wah!’ etc.) I’ve blossomed in that decade or so to become a much more well-rounded sort of character. I write blogs, articles, fiction, poetry and that secret incantation that gave me the sexual prowess of a rapacious leopard…

Things I’m doing to help carve my writing career:

  • Finished the first draft of my book Passing Phases. Seven chapters into a redraft and only twelve kittens murdered in rage. Not bad.
  • Undergoing an MA in Transmedia this April with hopes of becoming an academic. Why? Because it’s about time someone paid me for being pretentious that’s why…
  • Working full time for a local marketing firm writing copy and SEO articles. Yes, it pays. Yes, I’m willing to sell my soul to some extent to help pay for cheeseburgers and PC upgrades.
  • This blog. Every weekend. Come Hell or high water. Preferably neither though.
  1. muddledmuppet says:

    I guess today is the day I officially became a writer, as it’s my first article that didn’t exist purely on my blog 🙂
    btw awesome looking blog here, I love the layour/colour scheme, nice work!

    • Andrew says:

      Cheers dude. Haven’t written anything on here for quite a long time. I blame my copywriting job, because hell no is it procrastination.

      I also know the joy of feeling like a true writer. I wrote my first (and so far only) article for What Culture a couple of months ago. Feels good. Gets ya right here [thuds on chest]

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