I Have A Confession To Make

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Anecdotes, Gaming, List article
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I’m secretly Mussolini. That business about me being executed? Nope. I’m fine. Old as balls but fine…

No, okay I lied. I mustn’t make a habit of doing that. The little children depend on me to be altruistic. What I meant to say was that I’m a big fan of Youtube “Let’s Play” videos. I’ve been watching them on a frequent basis for some two or three years now and if you don’t know what they entail let me fill you in somewhat.

Shame about that really. I would have made a great bald Italian fascist...

Shame about that really. I would have made a great bald Italian fascist…

Let’s Play videos are game-related playthroghs with commentary done by the person doing the recording. Most of the time they’re prerecorded with editing and cuts implemented for brevity but some are live recordings. As dull as this may sound I have been following a number by people who I deem to be rather entertaining. It could be their reactions to what’s happening on screen (many have webcam inserts of their face showing them playing the game). It could be their nonsensical diatribes when things go wrong. They could just be funny fuckers. Either way it’s these multitude of video game commentaries that give me yet more reason to not bother with a TV license (the scam that it is).

Seriously, I genuinely think this shit is more entertaining than the vast majority of what television has to offer. Don’t believe me? Try watching a whole evening’s worth of Saturday night programming without succumbing to the arbitrary desire to punch a vole or scream at buses.

So I’d like to share with you some of my favourites. Now, these aren’t people who are scrambling for subscribers. Most have thousands (if not millions!) already. So this is not some cheap plug towards my friends’ Youtube channels. I don’t know these people but if I did I would buy them a cake. Any cake. Not cheesecake. That shit’s for weirdos.

And no I’m not posting a link to Pewdiepie here…Get out of it you…

ChaoticMonki (AKA Cry)
For a guy who’s never once shown his face on camera there is definitely something about him that has men and women alike simply encapsulated by him. Many say it’s his soothing voice. I would have to agree with them. Just thinking about it makes me grow ovaries. Also: never, ever ask him to show his face. Death awaits those who do.

BlueXephos (AKA The Yogscast…AKA Lewis & Simon)
Some of you may already be familiar with these two. They do (or did) podcasts before getting involved with Let’s Play videos. While fans like both of them equally I think it’s generally accepted that Simon is the funny one of the two. Is it because he’s portly? Only time will tell. I actually haven’t watched their videos for a while but I did enjoy the ‘Shadow of Israphel’ series.

I actually became aware of this player via Cry but I’ve been enjoying his stuff ever since. I particularly love how professional his videos look. I don’t know how he’s managed to superimpose his webcam image on the screen the way he has. Seriously guys…this is about as nerdy as I get…

Me and my girlfriend happened upon this guy while looking for amusing videos of the horror indie game Slender so he’s a new addition to my subscription list. While amusing to watch he also gets a lot of respect from me as he uses his video channel to help raise money for charity. But he does scream a lot. Yeah, there is that.

Maybe I’ve give a little back to the community by posting these links. Maybe a few of you reading this now have a better understanding of what I do in my spare time and why important shit in my life never gets accomplished. Maybe I should start doing some Lets Play videos and put an end to this unnecessarily cruel act of depriving people of my glorious face and voice.

Leave a comment. On my face.


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