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Posted: January 5, 2013 in Misc., Music
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Until we see the word SALE written 300ft high on our local high street we can be a somewhat civilised bunch. Over the decades great accomplishments have been achieved by the common people and injustices have been won and fought.

So why is that even as the 21st Century reaches its teen years (expect acne and impulse purchases of 30 Seconds To Mars CDs) the very pinnacle of insulting – especially on the Internet – is still to refer to someone as being ‘gay’? I’ll give you an example:

Yes I browse MemCenter. What of it..?

Yes I browse MemeCenter. What of it..?

That, there, is current pop schlock 1Direction. The implication here is that they are being referred to as homosexuals despite seeming non-plussed by such an accusation. If you’ve browsed the Internet for even one unproductive caffeine-fuelled afternoon you’ll have noticed that Justin Bieber is pretty much the go-to fella in everybody’s I-don’t-like-you-and-must-call-your-sexuality-into-question finger pointing.

But my point here is that if we are a society that rallies together to fight for gay rights (the debate about gay marriage still continues unabated) why are we also still deriving humour from homophobic insults aimed at the eyesores of pop culture? I get that it’s a joke and that perhaps Bieber isn’t outright being called a homosexual but the lesson I walk away with when I see examples of the above is that your best tactic when confronted by something you hate is to call it gay.

The whole ‘gay’ joke thing seems to be back in vogue after it enjoyed a rather lengthy stay in the mid to late 90’s when I was at secondary school. I’m not opposed to it in an ironic sense. For instance: if my friend/s see me kissing my girlfriend they may be inclined to yell out the word “GAY!” at me in a comical fashion. See, that’s funny because obviously it’s tongue-in-cheek. Of course we’re not being ousted as homosexuals whilst in an obviously heterosexual relationship.

And for the record: Justin Bieber and 1Direction are atrociously bad products of a corrupt music industry that perpetuates the shallow, pretty-boy aesthetic of so-called musicians who’s only real goal is to make a mockery of music as an art form and carve valleys in the bank accounts of low self esteem-having individuals who are relentlessly bombarded by songs about finding love whilst their whole world collapses around them because life isn’t what Backstreet Boys told them it would be like.

Which, to me, is a much, much better insult.

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  1. This is a tough one. Have you seen the South Park episode on this same topic?

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s a pretty good episode. A lot of people seem to criticise South Park for being ‘preachy’, but I like to think that Parker and Stone have a lot to say about society and modern culture.

    That and dick jokes, obviously.

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