Too Soon?

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Christmas
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This is usually the part of the year where everything feels like it’s coming to a standstill. With Christmas just gone the panic buying festive cheer that’s totally not forced wanes slightly as families crash their bloated and hungover selves on whatever piece of furniture isn’t hiding bits of wrapping paper and exhale a sigh of relief.

The Christmas spirit I think still lingers but with our fast paced society we quickly get over such things. Subsequently I have decided that I will be taking down our Christmas tree earlier than I would normally do. This weekend to be precise. Why so eager? I hear my twelve followers say (Yes, twelve! Count them and then cry with envy!) There are a couple of reasons for this:

First of all I live in a rented house with another bloke who, due to a long distance relationship, has spent the latter part of December in Belarus (and is not due back for another four weeks), leaving me as sole tenant for the duration. Nudity and reckless abandon compulsory. However, I had no intention of arising Christmas morning with no one to greet the day with. So I spent the season at my girlfriend’s place some ninety miles that-a-way *POINTS*…

Going my way..? In a one horse open slight..? I dunno, make up your own joke...

Going my way..? In a one horse open sleigh..? I dunno, make up your own joke…

As a result there has been no one in our household to celebrate the festivities and no presents under our tree to speak of. Yes, December 25th in our house was a dark, empty and sorrow affair for our poor tree. Not even a twinkling light left on to keep it entertained. No gifts huddled at its feet like some consumer-based circle of children sat by grampa’s ankles as he regales the young ones with tales of debauchery and Satanic rituals. Those were the days…

So it’s kind of felt a little pointless having a tree this year. But it’s stayed up to save face, I guess. It certainly kept over zealous neighbours wielding flame torches and Christmas grins at bay. But now the season is coming to an end I think it’s time to pack up and stare puzzlingly at the space in the living room where the tree once stood and think “Was the room always this big?”

The other reason has to do with nostalgia. As a kid the Christmas tree in our family home always represented the bedazzling thrill that accompanied this time of year. Presents built up over the weeks and the soft, comforting glow of the lights upon its branches gave the whole affair that magical pop. For many homes it’s the very epicentre of the Christmas celebrations and the excitement felt around it reverberates around the home.

But once December 26th rolled on by somehow the tree took on a different meaning. It was a look into the past. All it represented after Christmas Day was a series of memories that seemed to go by far too quickly. Yes, the presents were still there but most people would agree that the run up is so much more exciting than the day itself. It’s like feeling a good sneeze coming on only for someone to stop it right at the last second. Not that I’m complaining about it. But once Christmas Day is over that green, plastic, pseudo-plant may as well be an intruder with suspicious motives.

So Christmas is over in our household. It’s pretty much been over since it began and I think it’s for the greater good if I cease dragging it out any longer than I have to and begin setting about putting the place back to normal. It may be a little soon. It may even seem a little grumpy. But Yuletide feelings of joy have been few and far between and pretending that Christmas is still here (or worse, pretending it never left) is just depressing.

That and it’s hard to take Dishonored seriously as a grim assassination game when there are twinkling lights in my peripheral…


Say hello to your new god…

So, tell me: when are you taking yours down you greased, chiseled embodiment of perfection you?


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