Future Generations Will Bow Their Heads In Sorrow

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Anecdotes, Music
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I think now would be a good time to admit that maybe I’m not as open minded as my future obituary will say. Oh sure, I’m one of those annoying liberal types and my social and political leanings are so far left that they’re in danger of letting loose change fall out their pockets. But if I was to examine that in terms of popular culture I seem to favour a more elitist approach.

In a previous post I mentioned how there are certain phenomenons in our culture that just go over my head. I don’t hate these things per se, but I tend to leave them and their fan base to their own devices while I swirl a glass of brandy and read Samuel Beckett plays through a monocle. I’m quite good at avoiding things that I either don’t like or that don’t look appealing to me.

Anyway, my convoluted point being that recently I heard Gangnam Style for the first time. Twice in fact. You all know that song by now. And since the video has recently become the most watched upload on YouTube in history it has become harder to ignore. But again I’m struck with a baffling sense of ‘I don’t get it.’

I really, honestly and truly have no idea what the appeal is. I’m not coming from some snobbish, pretentious mentality here. The song was played twice at my sister’s 18th party at a volume that made the ghost of Lemmy haunt his own ears (Wait…he’s not dead? How?!). Which is more than enough times to gain an opinion of it.

And I’m afraid I have bad news for fans.

It’s a crap song. No, seriously. Give it another listen. I’ll hang on…

Go ahead and like it if you must but understand that it’s just a pop song accompanied by a straight-from-the-packet dance move of which, confusingly, no one has yet to be psychiatrically evaluated for when performing in public. It’s hard for me to revel in something like this not only because it’s not my thing but also because it leaves me wondering what songs got left behind to make this the most listened to tune of 2012. Did other songs laugh at disabled children or pull the wings off doves during the synth solo?

It’s popularity probably has everything to do with the Internet (and I thought I could trust you, web!) and the whole viral spreading and meme culture that adorns us. It probably also has to do with the fact that it was in direct competition with Justin Bieber to be the no.1 video on YouTube. Really, Internet? All the songs in the world and you chose Gangnam Style to represent us as the culmination of advanced Western minds working in conjunction for the benefit of popular culture…

See, everybody seems to think that Gangnam Style is some ground-breaking revolution in music, art and entertainment. As shown in the following example:

If you're comparing your music to an 18-year old's, something is amiss...

If you’re comparing your music to an 18-year old’s, something is amiss…

When in actual fact it’s more like:

And wedding receptions were never the same again...

And wedding receptions were never the same again…

That’s all it is and all it ever will be. To me at least.

And now look what you’ve made me do, Internet. You’ve made me use two meme-style images in one post just to make a point. For shame!

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