The Washing Machine And The Passport

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Misc.
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Act I Scene 1

Set in modern day Britain in the interior of a common household kitchen. The WASHING MACHINE sits quietly under one counter.


PILE OF WASHING: And a pleasant morning to you Washing Machine. My but you are looking rather dashing today.

WASHING MACHINE: Why thank you Pile Of Washing. If you don’t mind me saying so you too are looking spiffing were it not for a varying degree of stubborn stains. Is that why you have come to visit me today?

POW: Indeed it is my fine fellow. It has been several moons since my last wash and I am in dire need of a good cleansing. Are you up to the task?

WM: But of course. Always happy to oblige.

POW: Wonderful. In which case I shall get myself ready. However, I do have an unusual request if I may be so bold.

WM: Pray, do tell.

POW: Well, it’s a little embarassing but the trouser part of me appears to have brought along a passport of some sort.

WM: Is that so?

POW: Verily. It is wedged quite comfortably in one of the pockets. I am hesitant but feel it has been placed there with much forethought so I request permission to bring it with me to this morning’s programme.

WM: Curious. Are you sure it won’t be detrimental to its health? A fragile item such as that may well become damaged during the spin cycle.

POW: Indeed. That was also my concern. However, perhaps it has been left there on purpose. It is, afterall, looking rather grubby and has seen better days.

WM: Perhaps. However, it may be in your best interest to confront our owner on this matter. Just to be safe.

POW: Regrettably I cannot.

WM: Why so?

POW: I am a pile of washing and thus incapable of talking.

WM: Indeed.

POW: What say you then on the matter?

WM: I believe I have no choice but to accept it alongside yourself. Methinks we shall discover in due time whether this was a fruitful endeavour or not. Progress, after all, must sometimes be a risky business. Let us experiment then, sir. For science.

POW: For science.

The PILE OF WASHING proceeds to enter the WASHING MACHINE and soon the cycle begins unabated.

The PASSPORT proceeds to get the FUCK washed out of it…


So, what did we learn today children..?


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