I’m Not As Think As You Geek I Am…

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Anecdotes, List article
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At the very least I’d like to think of myself as a book nerd. I did a post quite a while back expressing my actual boner for literature. And yeah I love computers and know enough about them to do most things with them and some troubleshooting. But in general I don’t think I’m a nerd or geek or a dweeb or a spacker or a fuckface or a…

…sorry I got carried away there…

…and I think maybe it’s because there are certain geek cultural phenomenons that I just don’t get. Not because I don’t understand the appeal behind them there just seems to be this barrier that makes me think ‘meh, so what?’

Things like:

Star Wars

I like Star Wars as a film and have enjoyed a couple of the games. Through my film studies I understand the immense impact it has had on the modern blockbuster and its vast, ever expanding universe means that there is always something new to discover; some other side story or unveiled…thing. I don’t know.

But I just can’t browse certain sites without seeing references to it everywhere. Cracked.com is one of my favourite web sites but there is a Star Wars reference exactly 3000% of the time. I actually understand more about the universe through accidentally stumbling upon it over the Internet than I do studying the films and/or novelizations. I like that people have taken the idea and ran with it to Goliath proportions but I honestly could not see myself devoting myself to such a franchise.

Also: Jedi is now a recognised religion. ’nuff said.


“Batman is friggin’ awesome!”

“Batman could easily defeat [x] in a fight!”

“Because he’s Batman!”

“Woooo! Batman!”

These are phrases I will never utter. Again, the batman franchise is enjoyable. Arkham Asylum is an amazing game as is The Dark Knight (I haven’t seen Dark Knight Rises just yet. Mob pitchforks are just there on your right…) but quite literally any argument can be broken down by simply introducing the Caped Crusader into the mix.

I bet whole presidential campaigns could be won in a landslide if one of the candidates were to give their addresses in a batmask and cape. Or do their ad campaigns via bat signal. You may laugh but think how many obsessive batman fans out there would vote in favour if the candidate stood at their podium with a giant cut out of the batman logo framing them. Go on, actually think about that for a second. I’ll wait for your to scoop your brains back up…

…maybe this just goes back to me not being a big comic book fan. I have tried in the past but much

like talking to women at a bar it’s always best left to those who know what they’re doing. Bat-single mode activated.


This is not one of those Macs vs. PC rants just so you know. I’ll admit that I have used a Mac probably twice in my whole life. “Oh! So how can you judge it then Judgey-McJudgerson!” First of all, I don’t know how you found out my superhero alias, second I’m not here to judge it based on its quality. We used it in uni to do a presentation and it worked out pretty well, It looked professional and we did well on the assignment. Job done. I can’t say whether or not it is a great machine for audio/video manipulation and editing. But what I can say is this: £1500 is not what someone should be paying for a computer that does the same as a machine that’s available at half the price.

A wee story: a while back I was dating this girl who expressed interest in purchasing a MacBook. I happened to be in town at the time of receiving this text so I walked into my local Currys and had a look for her. Just out of mild curiosity you understand.

I immediately sent her as text suggesting she not spend that much on a computer. The hardware specifications that I compared to a PC did not match the price. It was double what it should have cost (around the aforementioned £1500) and I couldn’t see why it was vastly more expensive. I came to two conclusions: 1) It’s so cleverly marketed that you are essentially paying for the brand not the hardware, 2) it’s a scam.

And yes I do use PCs with Windows but I’m not ranting and raving about the quality of it. At least I know I’m being duped.


Because I’m not twelve…

(see also Harry Potter)

I wonder how many friends I just alienated…

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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    When watching Water Horse for the second time.. I noticed how similar it looked like the mysterious pokemon. Now I know where to catch it.

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