Oh Yeah. Christmas…That’s Right…

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Christmas
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Maybe it’s just reaching that age in life where Christmas no longer has that magical magicness, the way a child sees it. Maybe it’s not having kids myself and being unable to relive the experience through the eyes of my hypothetical offspring (imagine a mini version of me. In a Christmas hat…) Or maybe it’s working in retail and being surrounded by the ubiquitous sparkle and decal of everything Christmas-esque. Either way, each year it takes me longer to realise that Christmas is coming up. (Clearly I’m getting a cut every time I say the word ‘Christmas’)

I am often stopped dead in my tracks at the thought of December 25th being but a few weeks away. Even though I see all the usually decorations pretty much every day and throughout work the whole concept of the holiday season doesn’t seem to register until it’s too late. I remember a time when Christmas started becoming exciting some time after Easter. It gave my child self a sense of intense exaltation that I can only really experience these days with a Herculean amount of booze and something naked happening (ooh, and doughnuts!)

So how pleased was I when I logged into WordPress only to be reminded of this joyous (citation needed) season with scripted snow falling delicately over the website’s front page like a snow globe trapped in an LCD screen.

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Ignore the fact that I’m a day late…

I don't know. It just doesn't FEEL quite like Christmas. Ya know?

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  1. binaryferret says:

    Have a child? If it wasn’t for my step daughter It wouldn’t be that ‘magically’ for me either but being able to enjoy it through the joy and excitement for one you provide for makes it a whole new, awesome entity.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah. I’ve seen how parents are around their children at Christmas. They get excited about the child’s excitement. It’s quite nice I think. I mean, I’m not going to have a kid just for that. But still. Nice 🙂

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