Be Quiet Oulander!

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Gaming, Misc.
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Okay, so I failed in my little social experiment. I awoke earlier than I had originally anticipated and realised that I couldn’t wait the required couple of hours before going to fetch my copy of Skyrim. How impatient was I? Well, I didn’t have my morning coffee that I depend on each and every day in order to continue breathing. Also, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wearing any pants when I left the house.

So that would explain the numbing sensation in my legs. And the court summons. But I came out triumphant, for I had procured the game and had a spring in my (somewhat chilly) step. I would say more but I will save all my thoughts for the review I will be posting soon. Call this blog a little side quest if you will (Oh god, I just said that…I just…why do girls not flock to me..?)

Until next time. (I did it again!!)

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