An Open Letter To The Human Species…

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Anecdotes, Misc.
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…First and foremost I must apologise for my blunt use of the word “human” in this context. I use it namely as an umbrella label and not as a term of endearment for I have seen very little in the ways of “humanitarian” affairs of late.

The pinnacle of our evolution is on the cusp of total meltdown. Our priorities seem to be all a flutter and our masters who deem themselves powerful and in control are showing neither of those traits. We are on the brink of social collapse. So this is my personal appeal.

We are the greatest and most advanced species this planet has seen so far. But it is sad that I use the term “great” not to suggest any sense of altruism but as to merely describe the grand things we have achieved. Our technology, science and arts are constantly changing and growing with each passing generation and at the risk of any “dumbing down” repercussion response I will paraphrase the XKCD comic creator Randall Munroe who says that “fear of dumbing down is worse than the actual dumbing down itself.” This is something I believe may actually be true. Human feats of achievement are above and beyond some of the most beautiful (and useful) creations our world has seen outside the incandescent creations produced in nature. Human skill is everywhere if you know where to look for it. We are still evolving.

So to see the streets awash with carnage and mayhem that borders on insanity doesn’t anger me. It doesn’t even scare me that much. It actually upsets me. And it would do you good to remove any context of the actual rioting itself from this piece. The press have those details down and it is up to any educated viewer or reader to pull from it their own conclusions.

My message stems purely from a desire to see human beings stop treating each other the way they do. With the violence that persists and the businesses that get put under and our mighty leaders reduced to a quivering mess before retiring to a secret room to see how they can divide, conquer and instill new laws that punish all of us, I call for those still rational enough to take a look at ourselves and wonder where we have come, why we are still here and what possible future we have left…

When we see a young person, prone in his own blood succumb to an open mugging by a group of others it outlines the very worst that people can be. Great geniuses of our time, and a time before, have solved the riddles of some life’s most enigmatic riddles – and there are still more to unearth. Or when great architects design and construct buildings of awe-inspiring shape, size and decal only to see those very bricks crumble or thrown into a local establishment seems to null and void the effort and toils our species has surpassed.

Yes, civil unrest may be in-part to an ever-increasing class divide that exploits the lower kinds to take action against others, but as I said I want to avoid discussing the intricacies and the why’s of this particular incident. What I will say is this:

Those attending the streets. Those hurling rudimentary projectiles at people and buildings. Those scarf clad street walkers who bravely shake parked vehicles. Know that this is not the revolution you seek. This is an act of extreme violence that has shaken the nation almost to its core. The very reason behind the original riots in London has long been overshadowed by the mimetic events that still unfurl as I type this.

Ladies and gentleman, this is your revolution:

You may think this some prank or jest. But in a society that favours the riot shield or the army tank over the herb is a world that has not only lost its edge but has long since past the point at which it can gain its sanity. This may be our last hope…

Yours sincerely,

– Andrew Paul Heaton –

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