March For The Alternative

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Current affairs, Misc.
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A good friend of mine and I will be heading out tomorrow morning for the London march protesting the on-going cut backs the government is making to public health, education and other amenities. Yes, all that boring stuff that gets in the way of Ant & Dec and other granny-approved TV personalities.

I mentioned in a previous post about the importance of people doing things like this (just a gentle note: this post will have about as much humour in it as a haemophiliac nosebleed). I mean, does nobody else find it a little odd that there haven’t been any reports (that I’ve come across at least) of private education, or private health benefits being cut? Or even executive wages being slashed because apparently we “all have to pitch in”? And yet bankers are still receiving a £2 million annual bonus and millions more in stock and trade.


You'll do well to remember this word. It's what we're supposed to be living in right now...

It’s action like this which makes (or should make) the average person lose a great deal of faith in democracy. Or rather, faith in any pretence of us living in a democracy. We’re being told by wealthy leaders that we need to write a cheque that the holes in our collective pockets simply can’t cash. All because some other wealthy people have buggered up the economy.

No one this side of the class divide can possibly see sense in this. Okay, the non-readers amongst you might not give a shit about libraries disappearing (are you even human??). But it’d be hard finding anyone who’s glad about the NHS being shaved away bit by bit like an unwanted beard with cancer victims living inside.

During the Shrewsbury march a few weeks back I heard someone yell something derogative about the NHS as we walked past him in the street. This wasn’t any type of  business mogul or conservative politician. As far as I could tell he was just a regular guy. I didn’t catch everything he said but he seemed pleased about the cuts that were being implemented because of a cock up that someone he knew underwent while in the hospital’s care. Which meant that his solution to fixing a broken care system was to take money away from it. It’s that whole ‘cutting school funding if children are under performing’ mentality that has a complete counter affect to what it’s supposedly aiming to do.

Well done mate, I say to him. Here, have this DVD of amusing football injuries. Stare at this for a few hours if you’re not going to use your brain.

And now I need a drink…

Stay tuned for funny shit in the future (Scouts honour!)

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  1. Hey,
    I think this is really important! I hope you’ll have a great time and that it really makes some difference. 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks for the comment. It was pretty good. Very tiring (4 and a half hours of walking non-stop…) and it seems that things were starting to kick off after we left. We nearly got caught up in the crashing of Fortnum & Mason. We were actually stood by the door JUST as some people starting to try and break it down.

      I think the media (particularly the Daily Mail) are/will be sensationalising the small riots and will completely miss the point of the march itself…

      • Ah damn, I don’t have to work on Tuesday (we sell English newspapers, but one day late) – but I’ll check online. 😉 I’m sure there’ll be something about it then …

  2. Andrew says:

    It seems that I was right about the newspapers focusing largely on the riots rather than the hundreds of thousands of other people who were still angry but being civil.

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