Let Democracy Commence!

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Anecdotes, Current affairs, Misc.
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It’s probably through my youthful years (I mean more youthful) and endless summers spent exposing my healthy mind to the intoxicating power of televiosn instead of exposing my healthy skin to sun rays and Melanoma, but protest marches will usually conjure up some Simpsons-esque scenario in (what little I have left of) my mind.

It’s placards and pitchforks and hordes stomping to the mayor’s office and all that social upheaval goodness. So when I joined the Shropshire Fights Back local march last Saturday I was quite taken back upon realising that it actually was similar to the cartoon sitcom’s equivalent. And that’s what made me think…

Up until recently – what with the overthrow of a certain tyrannical dictator in Egypt – I don’t think many people still see democracy for what it actually is: “A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them” to quote the dictionary. And that part of a democracy sometimes means voicing concerns about how things are being run. Possibly while setting cars on fire.

I'm the one with my head over the word 'Shame'...it's a conspiracy I say...

This was only the first demonstration my friend, Nick, and I had ever been on but the experience has left me with a greater understanding of what can be done when people aren’t being listened to. It also made me realise that if people become too apathetic to even show any kind of support (joining Facebook groups or ’causes’ does NOT count. Don’t pretend it does…) then a democratic nation ceases to be just that. And then where are we? Hitlerville, that’s where!

Television is probably the biggest factor behind a population’s perpetuation into apathy and docility. There is science to back this up as well. I could go into it but I’m far too sober right now (I am accepting donations…). Needless to say it’s a lot easier to watch the news about how 1,000,000 Egyptian citizens overthrew their autocratic ruler than it is to become interested in what’s actually happening to and around you. And it’s easier to talk about shiny, retarded celebrities and their very interesting faces than it is to discuss political/economical/current affairs topics. Isn’t that right Doritos Boy?

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