Minecraft (Or ‘Why I Haven’t Seen Sunlight for 48 Hours)

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Gaming, Reviews
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Unless you’ve been living under some rock-like substance these past few months then chances are you’ve come across, heard of, played, or – in the worst case scenario – had Nam-esque flashbacks to the indie sandbox game Minecraft. Ironically, if you have been living under a rock then  you might have played the game so much that you’ve become one with your avatar and have taken a keen interest in traversing cliff faces with a pickaxe.

The above link will give newcomers all the information they need to get an insight into what Minecraft is about. And below is a video I made of my current progress:

I also wanted to do a review of the game seeing as I’ve been playing it quite frequently. But I’ve been so busy playing it that I actually haven’t got round to summarising my thoughts into a neat article. Then I realised that that would be an ideal angle for reviewing it. So here is my Minecraft review:

I have been playing Minecraft for what can only seem like days now – time is of no significance. I have lost all sense of who I am. My fingertips are worn down to a nub and I fear that I have crossed the threshold into untold madness. I hope someone reads this message. Please send help…I am so very tired…

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